Can our culture cope with a major crisis?

I’m looking out the window, watching the rain and fog in the pasture.  I am moved to offer an opinion.

Here is a quote from President Obama:

“This country has never responded to a crisis by sitting on the sidelines and hoping for the best,” the president said in an appearance in Columbus, Ohio. “Throughout our history we have met every great challenge with bold action and big ideas.”

What he says is true.  The flaw in the premise that we will once again rise to a challenge is that there has been a major shift in American society.  It used to be: “get ‘er done”. Now it’s: “what have you done for me lately”.

The culture is completely different from that which existed during the Great Depression or WW2.   If the folks that are now in their 80s could drink from the fountain of youth and be transported back to their 20s, 30s and 40s we’d have a better chance.


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