Back to the Three “Rs”

Daily headlines of violence are disturbing They detail horrific behavior: random killing of strangers,.cruel treatment of infants and the innocent.

I believe it is the result of the slow but inexorable growth of the idea that : “it’s not my fault”.  Bad parenting, abused as a child, deprived of this, deprived of that, it’s the governments’ fault.  Notes of a killer had names of those that had “harmed” him

Quite simply, if one can simplify social trauma, it is the lack of responsibility inherent in a percentage of the population of the last two generations.  My eight and ten year old granddaughters go to a wonderful rural school which teaches the “Three Rs”:

1, Respect for others.

2. Respect for myself .

3. Responsibility for my own actions.

Number three is key.  Everyone is free to succeed or fail.  All too often we hear people blame a person or an entity for their failure.

If the 3 Rs are applied and taught at a young age perhaps we can get away from the blame game.  The Eagles have a song that tells it like it is. It is titled:  “Get Over It”. The song is an excellent commentary on the blame game.


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