Communicating With Government

We are in the information age. We have the web,  emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and many other communications channels unheard of a short time ago. Is it now easier or more difficult to get a response from your government and elected officials?

It would appear that the overwhelming volume of electronic communications from constituents has reduced the response rate. The volume of mailed letters is probably not as great, but the so called “security” system now chokes off letters too. It is difficult to assess whether faxing a document is effective.

In the past year I have sent letters, emails and faxes to my state and federal officials on some very important issues. These documents were carefully crafted, factual and contained no vitriol. Out of about a dozen documents sent,  I received one form letter from Congressman Abercrombie, another form letter from Hawaii Governor Lingle and zero response from Senators Akaka, and Inouye. There was also no response from Congresswoman Hirono.

I have also communicated with the U.S Department of Labor in Washington, D.C and the District Enforcement Office in California regarding mishandling of corporate pension plans. Again, no response.

In the old days I received a response to every single letter to an elected official. From my personal perspective it would seem that cries in the wilderness go unheard.


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