The M&M theory

M&Ms. No, not the candy. I speak of the twin “Ms” that generate action from government. They are: Money and Media. Any effort to generate interest in addressing a problem or issue will not be effective unless it contains one or both of these “Ms”

For instance, your congress is now considering legislation to address the safety anomalies associated with  the regional airline industry: low pay for pilots, pilot fatigue, minimum training standards and aircraft inspections.  Do you know how long these issues have been around? A long, long time. Pilot groups and unions have been vocal concerning the standards of these carriers. They have written, faxed and emailed their legislators with no result.

Then, there’s a tragic crash in Buffalo, N.Y. with relentless and ongoing media attention. The “M” (as in media) has obtained a response from the previously unresponsive. Once again,  the M&M theory is validated.


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