Chevy Volt 230 mpg Claim

From CNET:

“Chevy Volt to pull 230 mpg in city WARREN, Mich.–The gas-electric Chevy Volt will get triple-digit mileage, including an estimated 230 mpg for city driving, General Motors said Tuesday.

The 230 mpg–teased in a stealth advertising campaign on billboards and during baseball games–is based on a draft methodology for electric vehicles developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, GM CEO Fritz Henderson said here.”

Baloney! Any high school physics student can see the underlying problem with this number and, for that matter, all similar claims. They assume that the electricity came out of thin air. It takes X gallons of fossil fuel to create Y kilowatts of electricity. After the power is generated at the plant it suffers line loss as it travels over the grid to the home of the vehicle.

This must be factored into the equation to give any validity to the mileage claims.