Shooters. Are the treatments the problem?

As we struggle to determine the causes of tragic mass shootings in the United States, we need to take a look at current treatment protocols for mental illness.

in the past, therapy consisted primarily of multiple visits to a psychiatrist or psychologist to talk over the issues and get recommendations for the mitigation of the condition. Psychologists cannot prescribe drugs but psychiatrists and other MDs can. Today, pharmaceuticals have become the choice of treatment for medical and psychological conditions. The influence of the large pharmaceutical companies is clear.

Treatment for mental illness has evolved into a “cookbook” of prescribing a specific drug or drugs for a certain condition. An investigation needs to be made to determine the side effects and the effects of abuse of these drugs. The fact that the Ft. Hood and Sandy Hook shooters had received treatment for a mental condition should be a red flag. The questions we should be asking are: what drugs were used and were these drugs, or their misuse, the cause for the violent behavior.

Anyone can walk into a doctor’s office, describe a complaint and walk out with a prescription to “cure” that condition. The drug itself may cause psychological side effects. The misuse or combining with other drugs may also cause unknown effects.

The investigation of drug treatment protocols by the mental health industry need to start right now.


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