Cost per enrollee in Obamacare

From the Hawaii Free Press:

Cost-per-enrollee in each state’s Exchange

by Jay Angoff,, May 7, 2014 (excerpts)

…There was a very large variation in cost-per-enrollee among the Exchanges. Of the 15 state-run Exchanges, the state with the lowest cost-per-enrollee was California, at $758, while the state with the highest cost-per-enrollee was Hawaii, at $23,899. Excluding Hawaii and the District of Columbia, which were outliers, the state Exchange with the highest cost-per-enrollee was Massachusetts, at $5,681. Hawaii’s cost-per-enrollee was 32 times California’s, while Massachusetts’s was 7 times California’s. …

The five states with the lowest cost-per-enrollee are all states whose governors and/or legislatures have resisted the ACA, and whose Attorneys-General challenged the constitutionality of the ACA. They are as follows:

State Cost-per-enrollee

Florida $ 76
Texas $ 102
Georgia $ 240
Virginia $ 376
Michigan $ 427
The five jurisdictions with the highest cost-per-enrollee include three whose elected leaders support the ACA and two that oppose it. Those five are as follows:

State Cost-per-enrollee

Hawaii $23,899
District of Columbia $12,467
North Dakota $ 7,089
Delaware $ 6,825
Wyoming $ 6,323
The common denominator among these five jurisdictions is that they are very small–all with populations of less than 1.4 million–and thus must spread the fixed costs of the Exchange over a very small base. Nevertheless, Hawaii and DC, which run their own Exchanges, had costs-per-enrollee that were far higher than those in any of the federally-run small states–almost twice as high in DC, and more than three times as high in Hawaii….

read … Kaiser Health News

Background: Final Deadline: Hawaii Spends the Most and Gets the Least from Obamacare


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