Simple strategy to get rid of the ISILs of the world

As of this date there seems to be no clear cut strategy for dealing with the Islamic terrorists. Drone and manned aircraft air strikes cannot be effective without ground intel and forward air controllers to direct them. As used now they have the potential to kill and maim innocents which can only serve to recruit new jihadist members.

Any real strategy must have four components

1. Weapons supply. They are getting guns, rockets and ammunition from somewhere. Determine the sources and cut them off. It is doubtful that that these people have any capability to repair them. When they break (and they will beak) they will be abandoned.

2. Finance. It should not be too difficult to trace the sources of the funds used to wage war and cut them off.

3. Communications. If the US can monitor the internet and emails of its own citizens it should be relatively easy to find the servers used for ISIS propaganda and tactical communications with members. Their servers are surely hackable

4. Propaganda. The use of social and traditional media can be used to disseminate information to counter their message. It could show the real “benefits” of life with the jihadists, including the restrictions on women.

If you cut the head off a snake it will ultimately die.